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It all started with an email from my friend Heather from Canada. I was deciding where I wanted to go for my next journey and she was also thinking about making the trip to Australia. The idea manifested into reality and before we knew it the time had come to get on a plane and visit the beachy bohemian town of Byron Bay.

Road side picnic. Somewhere in between Nimbin and The Channon

Road side picnic stop

Somewhere in between Nimbin and The Channon

Being silly

We had two intense weeks of beach, sun, yoga, food, fun, nature, road trips and raw desserts. This is how it went…

Main Beach Byron Bay, beautiful blue skies

Main Beach Byron Bay, serious and stormy

Main Beach Byron Bay, serious and stormy. Byron is definitely a town of different moods!

Our base was Shakti Yoga home stay in Belongil Beach, which is just a few minutes outside the town of Byron and hosted by the wonderful and accomplished yoga teacher, Elana de Veaux. Elana has a beautiful garden filled property and a yoga studio!

Beautiful Elana in her backyard

Beautiful Elana in her very green backyard

The yoga studio

The yoga studio, see the yoga swing?? so nice to use, like yoga in a hammock

I really loved the yoga studio, the picture above was only done with my phone but it is a very serene space to practise. We did yoga a few times here both in Elana’s class and on our own. I also tried Acro Yoga at a local studio with Tara Folton and I LOVED it. It requires a partner and is a blend of yoga and Thai massage, allowing you to stretch and strengthen in places that only the force of gravity can help you achieve. It also builds trust in yourself and in the partner you’re practicing with.

The Byron Farmers Markets

I have a real love for the farmers markets because I believe it encourages connection and community. There’s just something about a group of people sharing and selling their produce and the community buying and supporting those producers, which creates a local, sustainable, small-scale consumer cycle. The produce is always better quality and more often than not better priced and you get the goods straight from the producer.

These markets are on every Thursday morning and full of amazing local produce and is a popular ritual for locals and tourists. There are stalls of everything here and plenty of organic options this region is famous for. Like all other markets there are bakers, butchers, fruit and vegetable stalls, nuts, coffee, cakes, jams, juices, smoothies and anything you can think of.

Byron Bay Farmer's markets

Fresh cane juice

Fresh cane juice

Organic bananas

Organic bananas

Herbs and seedlings

Herbs and seedlings

The most delicious Macadamia's I've found! from Tuckombil NSW

The most delicious Macadamia’s I’ve found! from Tuckombil, NSW <3

I’m eating these macadamia nuts right now! Next time I visit I’d like to check out a macadamia farm. I made a raw vegan macadamia cheesecake a while ago, the best nut to use in my opinion. It’s only downside is the higher cost :/

Another ritualistic must do in Byron is see the lighthouse sunrise. Heather and I woke up very early to see the full dark to light change over. You have to experience it for yourself, it really is a magical site.

Still dark although the sun just broke through

Still dark although the sun just broke through

Dawn, casting a peachy warm glow

Dawn, casting a peachy warm glow

The Byron lighthouse at sunrise

The Byron lighthouse at sunrise

As you can see I had trouble choosing just one lighthouse photograph! What we really came to see was this…

The sun rises over the sea or it sets, you can't have both...

The sun rises over the sea or it sets, you can’t have both…

Watching the sunrise takes an hour, after all the sun is the original keeper of Time. Before watches there was the sun dial and before that people were so in-tune with the position of the Sun and life cycles that they knew what time of the day it was. It’s the contrast between light and dark, which creates day and night. Watching the sun rise or set is a great meditative practice.