For many years I’d walk through the forest and feel as if I were being watched.

I’d constantly be looking over my shoulder only to see a fickle shadow or a tree branch dancing in the wind. After many musings and meditations near the trees, I concluded that nature had Spirit. The motion of water flowing down a bubbling creek; the way a flower opens to the sun every morning and the grace of a Monarch butterfly in flight.

Monarch Butterfly on Echinacea flower

These are all the personalities of nature and without energy or Spirit, nature wouldn’t be alive. Spirit or spiritus means breath and if you are breathing you are alive. Humans, animals, insects and plants all breathe but like many of the indigenous and native cultures believe, so do the elements like soil (Earth, rocks and crystals) air, fire and water. Naturally, I was drawn to the book Plant Spirit Healing, which I read from cover to cover on my Kindle app.

Plant Spirit Medicine

The book Plant Spirit Healing by Pam Montgomery is written from her personal experience as a herbalist and healer; including case studies, journal entries, scientific and observational perspective. She shifts the perspective from the physical i.e. the chemical constituents of a herb or curative plant to the holistic in the true sense of the word. Plants are beings as much as animals, fish, insects and humans with intelligence and spirit. It takes a keen observer and an open heart and mind to tune into and dedicate a life to such a vast topic. I hope you enjoy what she has to share…

Pam next to a birch tree

Pam Montgomery

1. What is Plant Spirit Healing?

Two big questions that get addressed in Plant Spirit Healing work is ‘Who am I? and What am I doing here?’ So, what plants do, the sentient nature of plants, which I’m calling Spirit is – This conscious aspect of the plant has an ability to go directly to the source of a compromise or misalignment or something that’s out-of-whack or when you aren’t living according to your true essential nature. The healing takes place not just physically but mentally and emotionally. It goes straight to the source. The plants are here to guide us to be truly human- guiding us into our true essential nature.

2. How can people connect more with a plant spirit?

It’s so simple that it’s profound. All human beings are very closely related to plants and I think some people don’t understand this or they just take it for granted. We wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for plants and so plants give us our life. They give us all of our breath they give us all our food. People might say ‘well I eat meat’ but that animal eats plants- so it originates with plants. Research actually shows now that plants made a very big decision billions of years ago to reproduce and start the photosynthetic process. They had to create an oxygen rich biosphere so that life could thrive. Plants did that a long time ago. We have evolved with plants for millennia since day one. Angiosperms developed before mammals did because mammals needed them for food. Plants always evolve just prior to us so we have this need to be in close proximity to nature and a symbiotic relationship with plants.

On all levels we are connected to plants and it’s as simple as stepping outside the door and in your conscious awareness you breathe in oxygen that the plants are breathing out. You are in relationship to plants already because you breathe with them.

3. You have a healing practice? What can someone expect in your treatment?

I work mostly with Skype and on the phone, long distance. I work within a person’s energy anatomy like their chakras, meridians (rivers of light through the body), auric field. That’s the source of dis-ease, it starts here and then it manifests in the physical later. Also, I work with soul retrieval and ancestral work. There is a lot that has been handed down through the generations of our ancestral lineage. It depends on what needs to be done with the person. First I ask the person to write their whole history the high and low points then we have a conversation to talk about it, perhaps fill in the gaps then I generally leave it for 1 week. In this week I call on the plant spirits, I call it a “gathering of the forces.” The plants start to come in, people might have vivid dreams. Then I ‘go in’ to call specific plants e.g. if a heart chakra is blocked I might call upon hawthorn to clear the heart chakra. Just to be clear – the plants do the work. I then follow-up with the person and advice what the person needs to do to continue in their healing process.

4. What was your inspiration for writing Plant Spirit Healing?

As a herbalist I know there is a lot of information available about plants and their constituents and properties for this ailment or that. There are not too many people talking about the spiritual aspect of the plants- I’m calling it Spirit but some might call it energy (to me spirit and energy are different). I felt like there was a bit of an imbalance in herbal writing with an emphasis on the physical so I wrote about the spirit aspect of the plants.

People need to hear that plants are FAR more than their chemical constituents. That’s part of it but we’re missing a big aspect. If we say we want to work holistically with a person then we need to work holistically with the plant too which include the Physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the plant and person.

5. What is your vision for the world?

I have lots of visions. I’m a hopeful person. The truth is I really believe that plants are here right now to help us through this time and to guide us in this evolutionary time. The plants are helping us shift old paradigms. It really is about becoming more of a ‘light being’ and the plants are the masters of light, they have it down. They know how to take the energy from the sun and transform it into tissue. So, we learn from the plants about light and how to work with that light for healing purposes.

It comes down to a DNA level, the nucleus has light particles called biophotons. Right now we have 2 strands of DNA but we have the ability to have 12. I think as our consciousness raises our DNA lines up and when you have a connected line coherence occurs. It makes a beam of light which gives you an exponentially greater ability to be connected with light. So, I think the plants are guiding us to take all that ‘junk DNA’ those bits of DNA which aren’t connected or encoded and help us come back into alignment which is a remembering process and what some people would call ‘enlightenment’.  I’m really hopeful about these times and my vision is that we take up our rightful place in nature, that we remember we can communicate with plant and we remember that the animals are our cousins and we remember what it’s like to live on this planet and care for the Earth. Human beings do have an ability to live in peace and in a sustainable way on this planet, we have a long way to go but we can do it. I have some big visions.

6. What are some of your favorite plants to work with?

One of my personal tree allies is White Pine. White Pine gave me a gift years ago, which led me to develop breath work I now call Green Breath. I was participating in a Transformational Breathwork session and White Pine gave me the gift of a Kundalini experience. It was a straight shot of life force up my spine and one of the most intimate experiences I have ever had.

Tulsi, otherwise known as Sacred Basil is another of my favorites. While doing some soul contract work with my father Sacred Basil entered in and helped re-negotiate our contract. It was then that I learned how valuable Sacred Basil is in any kind of soul work including soul retrieval.

I also love Artemisia whose common name is Mugwort. Mugwort is excellent to work with because she is so good at moving energy. Blocked, stuck or stagnant energy can be a root cause of so many dis-eases and Mugwort can easily get energy moving. There are so many plants I work with but these are three of my favorites.