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Raw Chocolate Dream

When I think of raw vegan desserts I think of Heather Pace and her Sweetly Raw blog. Heather is a talented Canadian chef and yoga instructor. Anyone that is a fan of her blog would be familiar with its beautiful, bright, natural inspired recipes plus travel stories and adventures into raw veganism through to paleo way of life. Her journey has been an interesting one! Two years ago she visited Australia and hosted raw dessert classes in Melbourne and Adelaide.

Henley Beach 2011

Henley Beach 2011

Since then Heather has developed a range of Sweetly Raw chocolates including limited editions, written seven books and teaching yoga. Heather also set up a new blog Yoga and Food For Life, which infuses both raw vegan and paleo recipes plus yoga inspired thoughts on life and spirituality. I would describe Heather as light, beautiful and fun person yet quite grounded, preferring green trees and clean air to city life.

Her latest ebook Raw Chocolate Dream has been long awaited and is full of delicious raw dessert recipes using one of her favourite ingredients- Chocolate! It’s the type of book that is useful for the beginner and the advanced raw dessert maker. Chocolate is a food we can always learn more about, especially from someone as talented as Heather.

The book takes you through 22 recipes starting with basic melted chocolate to various bars, truffles, balls, cake pops, fruit ‘n’ nut clusters, tarts, cheesecakes, mousse and even white chocolate plus the famous moonie pie! Ingredients can range from nuts, fresh and dried fruit, coconut, irish moss, spices and natural sweeteners. There is something for everyone.

To pick a recipe from this book was easy. I’ve always wanted to try Heather’s Moonie Pie! I chose the mint variation, utilising the abundance of herbs and greens available at this late summer season.

The Creation of my Raw Mint Moonie Pie…


Mint Moonie Pie, raw vegan

Naked pies before their chocolate coats

Not perfect but still cute...

Not perfect but still cute…

Chocolate Coated...

Chocolate Coated…it’s getting messy…

Finished Moonie Pie, enjoying the afternoon sun...

Finished Moonie Pie, enjoying the afternoon sun…

A perfect pair...

A perfect pair…



This was fun and rewarding to make. The only point I stress is to prevent eating too much, share the love because it will be well received! The professional Moonie Pies are available through the Sweetly Raw Blog.

To finish of this fun post I asked Heather 5 questions about herself and her work…

1. What was your inspiration for the Raw Chocolate Dream Book/ Work/ Life?

My inspiration comes from my love for creating and eating chocolate and sweet things. Importantly I love sharing them with people because it’s my experience that most people love to indulge in sweet things, especially when they’re healthy and still taste great. Since not everyone has access to my chocolate, I decided to write Raw Chocolate Dream so that people can enjoy the recipes at home.

2. What are your favourite foods to work with?

My favourite foods to work with are: cacao, coconut (particularly fresh young coconuts), and tropical fruits that I don’t always have access to like fresh jakfruit, durian, papaya, and mangoes. Avocado is great too because it’s so versatile!

3. Do you have any secrets for staying healthy?

My secrets to staying healthy include daily yoga, plenty of fresh water, a salad every day, and enough healthy fats/protein. Also, I’ve learned that its best to NOT get too fanatical about a particular diet/way of eating. Allowing myself to go out and enjoy foods at a restaurant occasionally is healthier than being restrictive all the time.

4. Can you give any tips on how others might channel their passion into their work life?

People email me a lot about how to start their own raw/healthy food business. My advice is usually to go for your dreams. If it makes you happy, find a way to make a living out of it, but also start small. Maybe start a business in addition to your day job for a while and let it grow so that you can let go of the regular job. Take some courses in the area you want to pursue. There are so many ways to make it work. Using the internet as a tool is really helpful because you can access people all over the world. 

5. What is your favourite colour?

My favorite colour is pink! I have so many pink things. Lots of my clothes, robes, and even kitchen tools. It’s such a fun, uplifting colour.

Heather Pace

Heather is an inspiration to me I hope she has inspired you a bit too!